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Instagram Reels Bring ‘Remix a Reel’ Feature Similar to TikTok Duet

Instagram has officially launched a new feature called Remix for Reels that is similar to the TikTok duet feature. Remix a reel offers to record a reel video with the other user video. We have seen many duets from TikTok,... (More)

How to Play GTA 5 On Android in 2021 (2 Methods)

Even after eight years, GTA 5 is still going strong in player count. The game has no limits; you can drive, roam freely, complete missions, and do everything. If you haven’t yet played the game, let me tell you that... (More)

How to block third-party cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera

Cookies are pieces of data that are saved in your web browser by the websites you visit. Third-party cookies are created by a website other than the one that you wanted to visit. Most of the time, third-party cookies are... (More)